27. Juni 2018, Technopark, Zürich

Der Hämostaseclub findet am 27. Juni 2018 anlässlich des Swiss Oncology & Hematology Congress (SOHC) statt.

Vorläufiges Programm

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Download presentations (30 March 2017)

Acquired FXIII deficiency, Laszlo Muszbek

Flow cytometry in the work-up of platelet function disorders: When and what to do?, Lorenzo Alberio

How should we measure new long-acting factors in the lab, Pierre Fontana

How to evaluate fibrinolysis in the lab, Alessandro Casini

Inherited thrombocytopenias not diagnosed during childhood, Thomas Lecompte

Neonatal thrombocytopenia when should we think to an alloimmunisation, Francoise Boehlen

Platelet flow cytometry what the ISTH-SSC says and what is done in Switzerland, Jan-Dirk Studt

Specific antidotes: Where do we stand?, Wolfgang Korte

Thrombin Generation in cirrhosis, Aurélien Lebreton

What to know before switching a patient to a long-acting factor concentrate, Manuela Albisetti