SPEC-SSH Courses


  • Courses are for trainees who are officially in postgraduate training in Hematology
  • The content of the SPEC-SSH covers the whole education program (Logbook hematology) over a period of 4 years (duration of the specialized training in hematology)
  • Trainees actively participate in the courses (presentation and discussion of cases/ diagnostic material)
  • Individual knowledge and skills are evaluated at the end of each course
  • Courses are considered as working time (one day) and will be compensated by your training center, according to the center’s rules
  • Courses are free for trainees. For reimbusement of travelling expenses, please check with your training center


Prof. Dr. med. Alicia Rovó
Prof. Dr. med. Lorenzo Alberio
Prof. Dr. med. André Tichelli

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SPEC-SSH training materials

Course documentation and training materials can be downloaded in the member area for postgraduate education trainees.

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